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About Me

“As bad as it was, is as good as it’s going to get!” – Undistracted Fitness

Hi, my name is Roslie Similien and I am the CEO and Founder of Due Adventures™. We’re well overdue for an adventure and we need to get out to explore the world


As a child, I was not allowed to experience outside and explore, unless my parents were home and outside too – which was almost never. My mother worked 7 am – 11 pm daily and sometimes overnight as well. So, if she had the time off, it was very unlikely that she would want to spend her time supervising my siblings and me outside. So instead, TV was my playground. In the early 2000s, I’ve watched almost every Disney Channel show and movie as well as LMN, Lifetime, and occasionally MTV/BET movies. I remember watching Transformers around 2010-11 and thinking, ‘one day I’ll make it to that side of the country and see the Hoover Dam.’ I remember playing Grand Theft Auto San Andres and saying, “I must see the Santa Monica Pier”. From there on, I kept repeating to myself “If I see it on TV, why can’t I see it in real life?” And that’s when my desire for travel was born.
I started traveling at the age of 22 and I’ve been a travel junkie since! Within the last five years, I’ve been on the most exciting adventures 10-year-old me never thought I would ever experience! I’ve been ziplining in the jungle, backpacking through the Dominican Republic and Haiti, had an amazing lunching experience in Hell. Wait! I know what you’re thinking but I am referring to a city in the Cayman Islands named Hell lol. Who would’ve thought there’s a city named Hell? Anyhow, rock climbing in Jamaica, ATV free riding in the desert, bike riding on the Santa Monica Pier and so much more!
I stopped watching TV and started doing what I love!
Today I am happy to say that I am outside! The world is my oyster and I intend to catch up on lost time. It does not matter how many adventures I’ve already experienced because I am overdue for the adventures I was deprived of as a child. I created Due Adventures™ to help others fulfill the same burning desire to travel I had since birth. I also want to help those who need to travel for work and help turn it into an exhilarating experience.
No need to continue viewing the world through the TV screen. Let’s see it firsthand!
My hopes are to get my hard-working millennials up and out exploring and creating breathtaking memories around the world because our time is now!