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Considering that climates vary based on your location, peak season differs from region to region. Customarily, the peak travel season is from June (SUMMERTIME)  to August in the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere experiences summertime from November – February. So essentially, the best time to travel  – depending on where you are traveling to – is from June to February. WHEW! 8  months??? 

We are all overdue for an adventure. Covid-19 has deprived us of the joy of entering a new decade. This year, however, we refuse to miss out on the wonders of the world. With the borders beginning to open for U.S citizens to travel, our desire to get up and get out is increasing drastically. So, our time to explore the world is NOW. 

A note to my younger travelers!!!! 

Before we begin traveling, I need to break down the “Travel Code” for some of you. There have been too many young men and women going missing or getting killed! This is how we “Expert Travelers” roll. 

•Code 1: “If we travel together… We stay together… We come back together.”  NO, you are not leaving us to hang out with some RANDOM. And NO, we are not leaving you at the party by yourself! 

• Code 2: “All of us can’t be sh*t face drunk”. At least one person needs to be lit enough to be alert and aware of ALL our surroundings! We will alternate days on who is the sober friend.  

•Code 3: “If one goes to the bathroom or outside, WE ALL ARE GOING TO  THE DAMN BATHROOM AND OUTSIDE!!” Period! 

•Code 4: ” We don’t accept drinks from strangers unless we’re at the bar and see the bartender pour our drink”. 

• Code 5: “If we feel like you’re too drunk to function, we are leaving the party early”. No, if, and, or buts about it.  

• Code 6: “If you just so happen to go missing, you have a maximum of 10  minutes to show up before we ALL are going to be looking for your ass!!!”  FOR REAL!!! Everybody else can call the police but we are not flying back home WITHOUT you! 

• Code 7: “If you’re fighting it better be one on one, otherwise we all are fighting”. But we are too cute to be fighting. • Code 8: Before we leave to go to a party, EVERYONE must have their phones on them AND they must be 100% charged.

Copy and share with your travel buddies because this young travelers’  generations got the “Travel Code” all types of messed up! This is how we  roll… ❤️

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